While some seniors dream of a retirement packed full of leisure and relaxation, others dream of finally having the time required to fulfill their dreams. Even seniors, who begin their retirement planning to take things easy, often find themselves yearning for more. Below are just a few active seniors, who have taken on new challenges and hobbies in their retirement or who haven’t allowed retirement to keep them from what they love.

Fauja Singh—The World’s Oldest Marathon Runner

Fauja Singh’s wife passed away when he was 89, so he decided to take up a new hobby—running marathons. Now, when we say marathons, we are not referring to athletic events, designed specifically for senior citizens, but full 26-mile marathons men and women young enough to be his grandchildren were running. Fauja may not have won any of the marathons, but he certainly didn’t come in last. He ran his last marathon in 2013 in Hong Kong at the age of 101 and still runs for fun today.

Jane Soeten—National Senior Olympics Gold Medalist

When Jane Soeten headed in for her annual physical at the age of 65, her doctor told her that if she didn’t “use it, she’d lose it.” Thus, she began her career as an athlete. She started playing basketball, but first, she had to learn the rules of the game. Jane and her basketball team went on to become the Senior National Champions.

In the 2013 National Senior Olympics, Jane won one gold medal and two bronze medals in track and field, where she throws javelin, shot put, and discus. Jane was 86 when she won these medals.

Active Seniors Aren’t Just Athletic—Tech Savvy Seniors

Let’s face it; not all seniors are up for the physical challenges and accomplishments achieved by Fauja and Jane, but that is not to say they are not up for a challenge. While only around 10 percent of seniors have cell phones, more and more seniors are learning their way around the Internet. For most, communication is their number one goal, so that they can interact with family and friends via Skype, email, and even social media. But some seniors are turning to technology to make new friends, too.

The active seniors in the video above participate in a speaking exchange that connects the generations and helps students in Brazil practice their English.

Whether you are retired, getting ready to retire, or have a retired loved one, who is searching for more stimulation, allow the active seniors above to serve as a source of inspiration!