If you have a loved one who is staying at Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab, but you live outside of the St. Louis area, then you may be searching for more ways to let them know you are thinking of them. Turn to the tips below to keep in touch with your out-of-state loved ones.

Phone Calls

This is one case where a text message just won’t do. Hearing the sound of your voice will help your loved one feel a greater connection to the outside world. Try to get a general idea of your loved one’s schedule, so that they don’t miss your phone call.

Sending Handwritten Cards and Letters to Your Out-of-State Loved Ones

You may not recall the last time you sat down and wrote a letter or sent a card for any reason other than a birthday or holiday, but taking a few minutes to send a card or letter to your out-of-state loved one will brighten their day. If their eyesight has declined, look for large print cards or print your letter in an 18 point or larger font. Even if you are sending a card for no reason, take a few minutes to write a quick message. You can even send a post card.

Don’t forget to print a few recent photographs as a keepsake.

Online Communication

Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab offers free Wi-Fi for all of our tech savvy residents. This makes it easy for you to communicate with your loved one online. However, we suggest you kick your communication up a notch from your usual, quick electronic exchanges with friends and family. Whether on Skype, social media, or via email, take a little extra time to connect and engage.

If your loved one doesn’t have a laptop, have a local family member help them Skype or communicate with you online.

Surprise Deliveries

If you can’t be there in person to celebrate a birthday or holiday, or you just want to let your out-of-state loved one know you are thinking of them—send a surprise delivery. This could be anything from flowers and plants, to snacks, luxury toiletries, or personalized gifts.

Just because you live outside of St. Louis, it doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain regular communication with your loved one. To make sure you stay up-to-date, reach out a few times each week with any combination of the communication methods above.