Grandma or Grandpa may live at Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab, but we encourage nearby family member to venture out to local St. Louise attractions with their loved ones. Please keep in mind that mobility, continence, and medication management will need to be provided, so make sure you plan ahead. Whether heading out for a few hours or the entire day, the activities below are excellent options.

Nearby Park

Even if they are not able to get out and walk too far, taking a drive to a nearby park to watch kids play or to take in the view is an excellent outing for Grandma or Grandpa. The car ride to and from is visually stimulating, and the quality time spent with you is beyond measure.

Family Party

A birthday, holiday party, or wedding provides the excellent opportunity to socialize with friends and family. Even if Grandma or Grandpa isn’t up for the entire day of festivities, they will leave with cherished memories.

Event at School

When the young kids in your family have events at school, indoor games, performances, or recitals, don’t forget Grandma or Grandpa. Not only will the little ones love the extra support, but Grandma and Grandpa will have lots of bragging rights and stories to share.

Favorite Restaurant

We offer restaurant style dining at Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab, but we know that, sometimes, it is nice to have a change of pace. Heading to Grandma’s or Grandpa’s favorite restaurant will not take too much time out of your schedule, but will allow them to enjoy some of their favorite foods.

Local Event

There are many senior-friendly local events, some of which we provide transportation to and from. However, we simply cannot provide transportation to every local event your loved one is interested in. Keep an eye out for upcoming events your loved one would enjoy, particularly, events they never missed when they lived independently.

Taking Grandma or Grandpa Out for Shopping and Errands

Sometimes, it is the seemingly ordinary daily activities that our residents miss the most. Again, we do provide transportation, but if Grandma or Grandpa really want to make a day of it—shopping and errands is an excellent outing. This includes browsing the isle at their favorite stores, picking out their toiletries, getting a haircut, or heading to the grocery store to select some snacks.

Visiting Grandma or Grandpa is always an excellent way to connect and engage, but don’t forget to head out and about every once in a while too!