If one or both of your parents or grandparents is staying at Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab, you may be wondering what to bring the next time you visit. While spending quality time together is certainly the best gift that you can give, you may also want to bring nursing home friendly gifts to brighten their day.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are an excellent gift that won’t take up too much room. Just make sure to bring a vase. Then you can fill the vase with decorative fake flowers when the fresh flowers wilt.


Yes, you can show Grandma and Grandpa all of your recent family photos on your laptop or smartphone, but print them out instead—that way they can really get a good look. You could even invest in a digital photo frame that alternates your most recent family and candid photos.

Handmade Gifts

Arts and crafts from the grandkids are always the perfect gift. These could be anything from the most recent school project to a drawing or craft project made especially for Grandma or Grandpa.

Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

If Grandma or Grandpa is an avid reader, bring some new reading materials. These could be library books, books you have already read, or books on tape. While you can buy individual newspapers and magazines, you can also send subscriptions to their favorite publications directly to Oakwood Estates.

You can also pick up reading materials at local garage sales and thrift stores to be added to the nursing home library for all to enjoy.

Their Favorite Foods

Food, snacks, and beverages are all excellent nursing home friendly gifts. Cook or bake their favorite recipe before you arrive, stop by their favorite restaurant for a to-go order, or stock up on their favorite snacks. Just make sure you keep any dietary restrictions in mind.

Art and Craft Projects

While we have a variety of arts and crafts classes for our residents to choose from, your loved one may have a specific art or craft they prefer, such as needle point or knitting. Check with them before you arrive to see if they are in need of anything in particular, to get started on their next project.

Seasonal Items Make For Perfect Nursing Home Friendly Gifts

Consider what time of year it is and if there are any upcoming holidays when you visit. This will help you to select seasonal gifts to brighten and personalize your loved one’s room.

There are, of course, an unlimited number of nursing home friendly gifts for you to choose from—and the list above will help you get headed in the right direction.