At Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab we have gone to great lengths to make sure our resident rooms, our restaurant style dining room, and our shared living and activity spaces are comfortable and cozy. However, we also encourage our residents to personalize their rooms to make them feel like home. Below are just a few tips to making your nursing home room feel like home.

Stick With A Consistent Color Theme

When decorating smaller spaces, sticking to a consistent color theme is always best. This includes everything from wall décor, vases, throw pillows, and bedding. You may even choose to keep the same color theme for your bathrobe and slippers.

When it comes to selecting a color, certainly pick a color that you love, but also a comforting color. For example, you may love bright red, but bright red can overpower your smaller living space. Instead go with a lighter shade of red, or a mixed color theme of red and white or red and black.

Space-Saving And Organizational Solutions

Another excellent way to make your nursing home room feel like home is to invest in space-saving and organizational solutions. Keeping your room organized will minimize clutter, and space-saving solutions will help maximize your space. A few solutions to consider include:

  • Stackable storage boxes
  • Closet organizers
  • Drawer organizers
  • Space-saving hangers

Solo Activities And Entertainment

You can get together with any of the residents you like to socialize during the day, and of course, participate in our daily activities, but to make your nursing home room truly feel like home, you want to bring some solo entertainment items with you. This includes:

  • Inspirational books or magazine subscriptions
  • Music—radio, CD, iPod
  • Cards or other solo games
  • Stationary and blank cards
  • Laptop
  • Family photos albums

Decorating Your Nursing Home Room With Seasonal Décor

You might be surprised at what a difference a few small changes to your room throughout the year can make. If you have family that lives nearby, ask them to keep a box in their closet, so they can rotate your seasonal decorations. You will likely need to invest in smaller seasonal decorations than what you had at home, and you even have the opportunity to make seasonal decorations in some of our group classes. This includes everything from holiday-specific decorations to spring, summer, fall, or winter decorations.

The tips above are easy to implement, but go a long way when it comes to making a nursing home room feel like home.