As health and mobility decline, the safest option for your loved one may be to move into a skilled nursing facility. While moving into Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab may be your safest option, the transition can be a bit overwhelming. Below are just a few tips to ease the transition.

Take A Tour Of Our Skilled Nursing Facility Prior To Moving In

First, you want to take a full tour of Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab prior to moving in. If possible, bring your loved one with you, so they can see their room and all of the building amenities firsthand. However, we know that, sometimes, the move to a skilled nursing facility is last minute—so this may not be an option. If it is possible, being able to see their new room and new home before arrival can go a long way.

Invest In A Few Organizational Tools

Downsizing will be required when moving into a skilled nursing facility. We have put great thought into offering our residents functional living spaces, which can be maximized by investing in a handful of organizational tools. A few to consider include:

  • Drawer organizers
  • Specialty hangers
  • Stackable storage boxes
  • Closet organizers

Selecting The Right Comforts Of Home

All of our rooms are shared, but residents are free to personalize their side of the room with their comforts of home. Sometimes, new investments will need to be made, but most of the time, thoughtful selection is all that is required. Some of the comforts of home to consider include:

  • Photo albums and framed photos
  • Lightweight wall art
  • Radio, CD player, or other music playing device
  • Vase, decorative lamp, or other small bedside or dresser décor
  • Throw blanket, throw pillow, bathrobe, and slippers
  • Laptop, smartphone, handheld electronic games
  • Cards, books, magazines, crossword puzzles, word search, and other solo entertainment items
  • Preferred personal care items: hand and body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, makeup, and other toiletries

Rotate Seasonal Clothing And Décor

Our rooms are designed to ensure that each resident can comfortably fit their essentials. Residents who want to swap out their room décor or clothing each season, or for their favorite holidays, can leave a box or two at a nearby family member’s—and have them swap items out each season.

Before making the move to a skilled nursing facility, make a list of essential items then narrow down and personalize the list for your beloved senior.