Deciding to move your parent into Oakwood Estates Nursing and Rehab is a major decision—particularly if your parent would prefer to stay at home. Below are 5 questions to ask when deciding if moving your parent into a nursing home is the best option.

Is It Still Safe To Live Alone?

When speaking in terms of safety, a few factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • You want to consider if your loved one feels comfortable living alone, which they may not be after the loss of their spouse.
  • Is the neighborhood they live in safe?
  • Is it still safe for them to drive?
  • Is it safe for your loved one to manage their own health?

Are They Able To Perform Their Activities of Daily Living Independently?

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) refer to the essential activities that most of us perform each day without second thought. However, as we age and our health and mobility decline, these essential activities become a challenge. This includes, but is not limited to, bathing and dressing, cooking, taking daily medications, and cleaning and laundry. While friends or family may help with some of these items, at some point, the extra help may become more than is easy to manage.

Do They Have The Proper Mobility Equipment At Home?

Whether your parent is in a wheelchair or uses a walker or cane—a decline in mobility will require an investment in home mobility equipment. Even after investing in equipment, their home may still be difficult to navigate independently. Many seniors who are able to walk independently still have an increased fall risk—because they find toileting, bathing, or getting in and out of bed difficult.

Are There Any Signs Of A Decline In Memory?

Whether both of your parents still live together, or one or both of your parents live with you—a decline in memory can be of great concern. This goes beyond occasional forgetfulness, to a severe lapse in judgement. This could start out small, such as forgetting where things go, and can escalate to forgetting to turn off the stove or oven, forgetting to lock the doors, or even forgetting how to get to and from home.

Is There Room For Improvement In Their Social Calendar?

Even if you are able to manage your parent’s care at home, or with the assistance of private caregivers, you should consider your parent’s social and emotional well-being. As your parents age, the loss of their spouse and some of their closest friends and family may leave them feeling lonely. Moving into a St. Louis nursing home provides them access to a community of their peers, and daily activities and opportunities for socialization. Of course, you can visit any time you like, but you do not have to worry about your parent being lonely while you are at work.

Moving Your Parent Into A Nursing Home

Moving your parents into a nursing home is a major decision, and the 5 questions above will help to get the conversation started.